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We will meet or exceed your expectations!
About C & C Services, LLC
One call can arrange all of your cleaning needs, from floors to ceiling and everything in between with our comprehensive cleaning services!

C & C has been Northwest Arkansas owned and operated for over 18 years.

We NEVER sub-contract labor and we conduct background checks on ALL employees.

C & C will work with your schedule 24/7 and we provide special set-up services when you need them.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a full line of commercial and industrial cleaning services tailored to our customers’ unique needs and budget. We will work hard to meet or exceed your expectations, so you can concentrate on running your business.

We use environmentally-friendly chemicals ONLY and we are “Green Seal” certified.
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OUR GOAL: Day in and day out, the goal of C&C Services, LLC is to not only to clean your facility but also to keep you safe from the spread of any virus. We have the people, the chemicals and the training to attain this goal.

OUR PERSONNEL: C&C Services employees are trained, and use, cleaning practices approved by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). All wear masks and latex gloves and wash their hands frequently. They also change gloves when moving from one area to another. They are trained on all chemicals used in their accounts and taught how to properly use each. If they have questions, they call the C&C office and together, we find the answer. They are PREPARED to keep you safe. 

OUR CHEMICALS: C&C Services uses chemicals that have either been approved by name by the CDC or contain the chemicals called out by the CDC. These products are proven disinfectants which means they kill viruses on all surface areas. 

OUR ADDITIONAL SERVICES: C&C Services offers Electrostatic Fogging. This service allows us to spray any facility, quickly and effectively, with a fine disinfectant mist designed to reach areas that are difficult to reach otherwise. The process allows us to cover everything from wall and floor surfaces to fabric surfaces like furniture and curtains. Electrostatic misting will kill 99.9% of all known viruses and is good for up to 30 days.

C&C SERVICES, LLC has the people, the chemicals and the services to keep your facility safe, disinfected and sanitized.